35th Working day of Lent – Transfiguration

Read through the account of Jesus’ transfiguration in Matthew 17:1-thirteen. It can be filled with truth the church buildings have overlooked. The transfiguration may be the 3rd big occasion in Jesus’ demonstration to us of the pathway to ascension.
Jesus can take three of his closest disciples to the mountaintop. You can find mountains all through Palestine; having said that, a “mountain” also symbolizes relocating into a significant state of consciousness as a result of meditation. Anywhere they were Positioned, Jesus and his disciples had been most certainly meditating since that is the simplest way to see into and practical experience the inner, spiritual planes.
The disciples check out as Jesus turns into transfigured right into a currently being a Light. This takes place as we Centre our target the heart spot … allowing the center flame (see the Divine Self Illustration) to grow …… filling our entire human body with Light and radiating outward right up until we feel every single cell within our system full of this divine Light-weight ……..

Taken from your September 1996 Unity Journal
As we sit Within this Gentle and open our brain to the Holy Spirit’s direction, We're going to progressively discover how to see and hear in the inner realms of Spirit. The prerequisite to this expertise is usually that We've got purified negativity from our auric subject. If we meditate whilst retaining pockets of negativity in our energetic field, We'll attune to your emotional or astral aircraft for the reason that Universal Legislation is: “Like appeals to like.” The astral plane is exactly what the Catholic Church phone calls purgatory—a plane that contains both of those damaging and beneficial energies. Meditating at this level could be bewildering, to say the minimum. Try to remember the example of Simon while in the 29th Working day of Lent Devotional---the astral plane was the aircraft he contacted, therefore deceptive himself and Other people. Make use of the meditation located in the 21st Day of Lent Devotional so as to purify before meditating.
“And Jesus was transfigured just before them, and his deal with shone like the Sunlight, and his outfits turned white like light-weight.” [The purer our nature, the more radiate the Light.] “And there appeared to them Moses and Elijah, since they were speaking with him.”
By the point of Jesus’ incarnation, Moses and Elijah were what we call “dead” for countless yrs. Obviously not the truth! Jesus is getting ready to display—by allowing for himself to become crucified—there is absolutely no Dying! Moses and Elijah are continuing on their own spiritual evolutionary path, just as Jesus and we're to perform. Moses and Elijah have progressed to the next stage on all of our paths—that of turning out to be Ascended Masters. As Ascended Masters, Moses and Elijah have decided on that will help Jesus on his mission to humanity by assisting him from the higher planes. Ascended Masters can also be available to support us in satisfying our soul’s mission in company to humanity. The realms of Spirit are filled with beings willing to help humanity. We have been under no circumstances alone!
Although in meditation, the disciples can see Moses and Elijah conversing with Jesus. Being the impulsive guy he was, Peter right away really wants to build three shelters for Moses, Elijah, and Jesus. “And though he was Talking, behold, a bright cloud overshadowed them, along with a voice came out in the cloud declaring, ‘This is certainly my beloved Son, with him I'm delighted; listen to him.”
“Listen to him” … what were the disciples to hear? What are we to hear?
As Jesus and his disciples descended the mountain, they asked him, “Why then do the scribes state that Elijah need to arrive 1st?”
“Listen to him” … “Jesus answered, declaring to them, Elijah will appear initially, making sure that all the things is likely to be fulfilled. But I say to you, Elijah has already come, and they did not know him, and they did to him whatever they pleased. Thus also the Son of Man is bound to have problems with them. Then the disciples understood that what he had told them was about John the Baptist.”
John the Baptist was the reincarnation of Elijah. As the people had not understood who John the Baptist was, so they did not understand who Jesus was. John the Baptist was beheaded; Jesus would be crucified.
Jesus affirming that John the Baptist was a reincarnation of Elijah is important in our idea of salvation. Browse the Tale of Nicodemus in John three. With this passage, Jesus tells Nicodemus “If a person is just not “born once again,” he are not able to see the kingdom of God.” The Greek word translated “born” is “gennethe” within the passive voice, indicating the subject is acted upon by some other person. During the passive voice, “gennethe” suggests “being born of girl.” The Greek phrase translated “once again” is “anothen.” “Anothen” implies each “again” and “from above.” To generally be “gennethe anothen” usually means to reincarnate in the flesh. (Bauer, A Greek-English Lexicon of The brand new Testament, pg. 155 and pg. 77) We talked over staying “born of drinking water as well as the spirit” inside the 34th Working day of Lent Devotional.
Reincarnation performs an important part in spiritual evolution. It's how we have the the perfect time to “enjoy what we sow” … to “be born of drinking water and also the spirit” … to do all the will work that
Jesus did and increased operates than his … to become perfect as our Father in heaven is ideal … to produce the brain that was in Christ Jesus.
Who among the us will vow: I can perform all of that in a single Bodily plane life?
The transfiguration into a light-weight getting prepares us for the Highly developed get the job done forward. No longer are we dependent on only our five physical senses with which to learn real truth. After transfigured into a Light remaining (as viewed inside the Enlightened Individual illustration), Now we have mindful entry to izrada mozaika all the methods inside the realms of Spirit. Our bodies, emotions, and minds are transfigured—opened to much higher realities than Now we have heretofore acknowledged.

Transfiguration will be the third Initiation.

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